Growing awareness: UOG Center for Island Sustainability gives tours for Endangered Species Day

In celebration of Endangered Species Day, the UOG Center for Island Sustainability (CIS) welcomed the public to tour their plant nursery. 


Visitors were given the opportunity to see several plant species being housed at the CIS nursery, most notably listed species under the Endangered Species Act which were recovered by the CIS Natural Resources team. 


Patrons were treated to seeing threatened plant species such as Bulbophyllum guamense (known as siboyas hålom tåno in CHamoru), Cycas micronesica (fadang in CHamoru), Heritiera longipetiolata (ufa hålom tåno in CHamoru), and several other threatened species of plants. 


“We were very excited to welcome our island community to showcase the work our team does to help these threatened plant species thrive once again,” said Else Demeulenaere, PhD, associate director of the UOG Center for Island Sustainability. “The opportunity to engage with our community and show them the things our CIS team fights to protect is very fulfilling and also gives us a chance to inspire people to join us in the work we do,” added Demeulenaere.  


In addition to tours of the plant nurseries, guests interested in learning more about career opportunities relative to the emerging green economy had a chance to speak with biologists and conservation technicians who make up the UOG Center for Island Sustainability team.  


Vince Fabian, project associate for the UOG Center for Island Sustainability, helped to answer questions from guests curious about work in conservation.  


“It was great to meet people in our community who had an interest in the work we do,” said Fabian. “There are so many opportunities to be a part of our team and help achieve the goal of sustainability for our island and it was exciting to be able to share that with people.” 


For more information about the UOG Center for Island Sustainability, follow the team on social media or visit their website at 


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