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UOG Calls for Artists: Apply now for Guam Green Growth Art Corps cohort two!

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Guam Green Growth Art Corps member Kie Susuico works on outlining his design on a wall in Sinajana.  Members for the Cohort Two will also be creating murals in the various villages on Guam.
Artist Gera Datuin works on her mural in Hagatña as a member of the Guam Green Growth Art Corps.  Datuin is one of the many accomplished artists who joined the first cohort of the program. (Photos courtesy of University of Guam)

The University of Guam (UOG) and the Guam Green Growth initiative are thrilled to announce that applications are now open for the second cohort of the Guam Green Growth Art Corps (G3AC). This exciting program empowers local artists to translate Guam’s sustainability journey into vibrant public murals.

Following the success of the inaugural cohort in 2023, the G3AC returns, offering another nine talented artists the opportunity to hone their skills, contribute to the beautification of Guam, and raise awareness about critical environmental issues.

Bridging art and sustainability

“The Guam Green Growth Art Corps is a groundbreaking program,” says Joseph Certeza, program coordinator for Guam Green Growth. “It merges artistic expression with environmental education, creating powerful visuals that spark conversations about sustainability in our community.”

Selected artists will work collaboratively under the guidance of experienced mentors throughout the program. They will participate in workshops covering mural design, painting techniques, and the principles of sustainability as outlined by the Guam Green Growth Action Framework and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Leaving a lasting legacy

The culmination of the program will be the creation of a captivating public mural at a designated location within the island. This artwork will serve as a permanent symbol of Guam’s commitment to environmental responsibility, while showcasing the artistic talents nurtured by the G3AC program.

“The exciting program empowers local artists to envision our sustainable future and share them in vibrant public murals for our community,” says Austin Shelton, director for the UOG Center for Island Sustainability and Sea Grant.

Beyond artistic development, the G3AC fosters a sense of community and environmental stewardship among participants.

Artists will gain a deeper understanding of Guam’s unique environmental challenges and contribute to positive change through their creative expression.

How to apply:

Applications for the Guam Green Growth Art Corps cohort two are now open and will be accepted until May 22, 2024. Prospective artists are encouraged to apply online at today.


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